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This site grows so often that I figure visitors would like some notes/tips to find their ways around. That's why I'm adding a "Cheat Sheet" feature. Now, you'll hopefully have less trouble finding the new materials. I'd love for people to enjoy discovery through exploration of the links - but if you would prefer to zap to the new materials instead...

What's New?

Dec 10, 2000

A Writer's Journal

I've fallen way behind with updating the journals... here's a summary for May to August of this year.

June 1, 2000

A Writer's Journal

I've finished the month of April. I hope to have May and part of June up for next week.

April 12, 2000

A Writer's Journal

After months of modem problems, I now have the Journals for February, March, and the beginning of April online!

February 21, 2000

A Writer's Journal

A bit late, but I finished up the January entries.

January 29, 2000

I've added a few interesting new books in the new section, Books on Various Topics.

January 15, 2000

A Writer's Journal

The first two weeks of January are now available for reading.

December 31, 1999

A New Year's Resolution

In his final essay for the 20th Century, Jeff shares his hope of a duty we should all gladly resolve for the new year.

A Writer's Journal

Just as promised, the entire month of December is now posted for viewing. I'm completely up to date!

December 24, 1999

A Writer's Journal

As a Christmas gift, November is now all online. December will be up before New Year's Eve! online.

December 15, 1999


My site within a site, dedicated to support and information for people with MS, and the people who act as their support system.

December 4, 1999

A Writer's Journal

The last part of October is now online.

Unconventional Journal II

My second online convention journal, this time for Primedia '99.

October 26, 1999

A Writer's Journal

I now have most of October online.

Unconventional Journal

My first online convention journal, for Con*Cept '99.

October 14, 1999

A Writer's Journal

I'm now caught up with all the Journals for September!

October 4, 1999

A Writer's Journal

Start of October, and I'm up to date with Journals to the end of August.

August 24, 1999

A Writer's Journal

I've missed mentioning a few updates of late... my Journals are now updated until the end of July.

BTW, the Story Archive is in the process of being moved. Because of the scandal with Yahoo!'s Terms of Service in June, they will soon be hosted in a more copyright-friendly locale.

May 26, 1999

A Writer's Journal

All of May up to this week are now online.

Goodbye, Owen Hart

With the tragic death of this longtime wrestler, I felt the need to say something.

May 2, 1999

Heartsick with the memories

I've started a new section on The Write Stuff: Essays. They won't be about writing; more mementos, time capsule viewpoints on the events of their day.

The first essay deals with the tragic events in Littleton, Colorado.

A Writer's Journal

April's entries are now completed.

April 11, 1999

A Writer's Journal

I've now stored March in the Journal archive. I now have the first two weeks of April online.

April 4, 1999

A Writer's Journal

March is finally all recorded.

Music for the Muse

A new article for my Writing Section.

Mar 10, 1999

A Writer's Journal

February has now been moved to the Archive section, and the newest entries for March are up.

Mar 2, 1999
Again, many small updates to the site: as part of a test of a new program on Geocities, I have a few new affiliates added on my Links page. You can now search for other sites through a GoTo.Com search box, or purchase videos through my affiliation with Reel.com.

I've also updated the Writer's Journal. I'm now up-to-date on February.

Feb 21, 1999
Lots of stuff updated today:

An Ocean of Jazz

It's been far too long since I last updated my music store. You'll find a new for the Holly Cole page, as well as a new music addition - a page devoted to the renewed Swing revolution.

A Writer's Journal

January has now been moved to the Archive section. The first three weeks of February are now up.

Feb 13, 1999
Early spring cleaning time... most of the snow has now melted here in Montreal, so I let it motivate me. You'll already have seen that I updated the main page. The Journal is now wrapped up to the end of January (February entries I'll hopefully start for next week), I've updated the History page too.

Jan 23, 1999
A lot of stuff updated here: I updated my Links section, removed some dead links from there and my Guestbook, and updated my Writer's Journal once more.

Jan 15, 1999
Happy New Year!


Updates to this page were well overdue... I added a new link or two, and removed a few defunct ones.

Dec 31
As promised: just before New Year's Eve 1999 officially kicks off, two more stories in the Story Archive section. Enjoy!

December 30
On the heels of an entry that says I've fallen behind on this page, even MORE falling behind...

A Writer's Journal

I'm uploading entries for both November AND December, to get up-to-date. If you missed October, it's available in the Archive section.

My updates to the Story Archive section will hopefully arrive before New Year's Day.

November 14
I've fallen WAY behind on updating.

A Writer's Journal

I've included the entire month of September here. August is now in the Archive section.

I've also spruced up the Association page.

September 10

The Story Archive

It's finally here! Only one story so far, but it's finally been started.

September 6th
Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

A Writer's Journal

I'm only up to August 6th. Sorry.
August 22nd

A Writer's Journal

The latest entry (well, not latest; it's the last one for July) is now up.
August 8

Writing Erotica

This is the first new article that I've written for the Writing section since last summer.
July 18

Massive Site Updates

As of the 17th, Geocities gave all homesteaders the ability to use subdirectories on their sites, to help keep track of all the files possible in an 11 MB directory.

So, while you won't see a major change in the site on your end, I've been updating every file to tidy things up.

A Writer's Journal

The first entries for July are now online. June has been moved to the Archive

July 5

A Writer's Journal

Latest entry added. (More stuff than journals to come soon. Promise)
June 24

A Writer's Journal

The latest weekly entry added.

June 15, pt. 2

A Writer's Journal

The last two weeks worth of entries are now there.

The Jazz Store

There were some errors in album codes. I corrected them. 2 more artists have been added to the spotlights as well (Holly Cole and Meatloaf).

June 15, 1998

The Jazz Store

So far, a few of the artist links in the store aren't active yet, but I thought it would be a good thing to get it open now, and expanded later.

Click Here!


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