Hot Links!

The following search engines get listings for the fact that they listed me:

  • Yahoo! - A great site to find links to everything.
  • Excite - an interesting and flexible new Search Engine.
  • The World Wide Web Yellow Pages.
  • AAA World Announce Archive. Otherwise known as the Matilda Search Engine. This site pioneered the SafeSurf Search Engine protocols, rating sites for different age groups. It's also a site with a great sense of humor.
  • This is a more hip guide to sites than a search engine, but it's also quite interesting. Currently, it's more a targeted opinion on the events of Sept. 11th.

These are links to RPG Pages for games I'm either writing for, or pitching ideas to:

  • Grey Ghost Games - the authorized publishers of FUDGE RPG materials.
  • Microtactix Games. This is the publisher for the latest incarnation of the Plain Label Roleplaying Game.
  • RPG Action. A roleplaying supersite that I'm currently writing product reviews on.

About time that I added some writing resources to this link list!

  • Science Fiction Writers of America. Note: According to Joe Straczewski, this organization dismisses science-fiction screenwriting as illegitimate for most purposes, but takes the screenwriters' money as dues anyways. Caveat emptor.
  • Writer's Guild of America. This is the big enchilada of writers' organizations. It helps make sure fair wages are given for work, protects writers legal rights, and provide a lot of useful tips and interviews as well.

  • Writer's Digest. I've spoken in high praise of this magazine as a resource for writers. The site is a great resource as well. Lists of the top publications to freelance for, full guidelines for submissions to hundreds of places... there's something here of use to almost all writers.

These are just Pages of interest to me for various reasons:

  • Thoth's Web Personals An online dating service.
  • The Nizkor Project - I want people to know about this phenomenal resource against hatred. It documents as many examples of the hate-mongers who try to infiltrate our lives as possible. It's a very worthwhile project, and worthy of support.
  • The Fandom Directory.
    • MSInformation. This is my site-within-a-site, a support source/reference on Multiple Sclerosis.
    • Jan Strnad's Homepage. Jan was the creator of the independant comic Dalgoda, published about a decade back. He's now involved in many writing endeavors, including Cybercomics. The eerie thing for me is the fact that his site is very similar in intent as mine!

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