My Projects

The number of things that I am working on tend to change over time; you'll find updates on my various projects here.

Professional Works

  • Unnamed Side Story: this is a proposal that I'm submitting to Dream Pod 9, the publishers of my first gaming module, Crashpoint. It's an adventure for their Heavy Gear roleplaying game.

    **Updated**March 22nd, 1997: This project is currently on the shelf.

  • Articles for fps magazine: I produced ocassional freelance articles for this animation magazine, published by Pawn Press. Mostly, I wrote reviews of videos. The magazine is no longer published.

Amateur Works

A large portion of my writing output to date has come from the APAs (Amateur Press Associations) that I have been a part of. Here are the 'zines that I currently 'publish':

  • The Old Detective's Watering Hole: this is my longest running 'zine to date. I produce it for Comicopia, the comics APA that I created over 10 years ago. In fact, last month we celebrated our 11th anniversary. Quite a milestone!

    I haven't missed an issue; I have 67 'zines to my name here so far.

    Among the material that I produce for Comicopia is a series of stories set in Croft's Bar, otherwise known as The Old Detective's Watering Hole. My stories are very much inspired by Spider Robinson's Callahan's series, only my bar is a hangout for comic characters.

  • Dreams: this is the roleplaying game 'zine that I write for APACalypse, a currently 7-plus-year old gaming APA created in Montreal.

    I tend to write scenarios and design characters for whatever RPG I feel suits the theme of the issue at hand. I've used Cyberpunk, HERO system, Gurps and the FUDGE game engine. For the current issue, I'm delving into the Fuzion game engine.


Last updated: Nov 25, 2001

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