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It was about time that I added some new features to my Geocities Home. Considering that I'm a writer, it was a given that I would eventually get around to talking about my craft. So, here are some tidbits. Be sure to check this area out from time to time for new words. Consider this part of my Home permanently under contruction:


Music for the Muse. Comments on the use of music for inspiration. April 4, 1999
Coming Up With Ideas. The topic every writer gets asked about at one time or another.
Should Artists Suffer?. A short (240 words) opinion piece based on a recent online discussion. Dec. 9, 1996
Soap Operas as a Writing Model. I may get a lot of flack for this one, but give me a chance and read it... Oct 1, 1997
Writing Erotica. I can hear the giggles over this one already, moreso than for the article on soaps. Have an open mind... Aug 8, 1998
Jeff's Writing Library. A review section of writing books that I've read/studied from. **Updated**January 29, 2000.
A Tribute. Not so much a writing article, but my feelings on the loss of a very special man: Jimmy Stewart. July 2nd, 1997


An update on what's happening in my quest to produce, updated over time. Click here. **Updated**June 1, 2000

(Note: I haven't updated that journal in awhile. I'll keep the link to read the past archives.

I've given in. As of May 15th, 2001, the journal is now a Blog. Click here


I'll ocassionally add an article here, spurred by some events on my mind. They won't always have anything to do with writing.

Heartsick with the memories. Thoughts on the Littleton tragedy, and the events it brought back to my mind. April 30, 1999

Goodbye, Owen Hart. with the death of Owen Hart this past Sunday, I wanted to share my thoughts and respects. May 26, 1999

A New Year's Resolution. Just hours before the 20th century ends, Jeff shares some magic hopes for the future. December 31, 1999

Writers Forum

**Updated**The Java-based newsgroup didn't pan out (in fact, the applet isn't there anymore!), so the message board is it now.

The newer forum is extinct too. I'm getting a new one. It's active, so you can get there with this link.

Note: It's now a full PHPBB!


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