An Ocean of Jazz

Right now you may be asking yourself, "What does Jazz have to do with the craft of writing?". Well, let me explain:

Certain types of music help my frame of mind when writing: certain tracks by Meatloaf playing from the CD-drive on my PC, some strains of vocal harmony by a cappella group the House Jacks... and the strains of jazz. Lots of jazz.

Through the Associate Program from CD-Now!, you could purchase some of the jazz CDs that I'll review, if you wish. You could also look for other CDs as well through the links.

If you don't feel like buying any CDs, that's cool too. My main reason for this page is to share some of the sounds and artists that I enjoy anyways.

Who I don't consider Jazz

This is very important to me: Kenny G. is NOT what I would consider a jazz musician!

In my mind, a man who toots a horn in random sequences and produces reams of popular medium albums may have the appearance of jazz music to his repertoire, but he doesn't really understand the basics and fundamentals of what truly makes Jazz.

If Kenny G. is your idea of a Jazz musician, than many of the artists I'll mention here won't be your cup of latte.

The Reviews

Wynton Marsalis

Holly Cole [UPDATED]

Swing Music [NEW]

Other Jazz Available

Other types of music that inspire me:





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