Holly Cole/ Holly Cole Trio

This jazz diva has only come into the limelight in the past 5-6 years - but she made quite an impact.

Holly Cole has a voice both haunting and captivating at the same time. For example, the song Trust in Me, from the Disney Film The Jungle Book. In its original version, the song was almost humorous. When Holly sings it, you get chills up and down your spine. Same with her version of I Can See Clearly Now (the Rain is Gone). Only Holly could successfully transform this classic reggae standard into a jazz triumph.

As a Montrealer, I may be a bit biased to Holly Cole; like many acts before her (including Styx, Genesis, and Pink Floyd on the rock side of things), cityfolks here first realized and appreciated her talent.

Considering how often we've been proven right, this may be yet another sign that Holly is a singer worth listening to.

As mood music for a writer, I find Holly Cole great for relaxing my mind, getting me into a mellow mood for calmer creation.

Dark Dear Heart: This was Holly's first studio album in a few years (as opposed to concert compilations). It took me a few listens to get used to it - but I'm happy I did.

Songs on this album are a mix of covers and originals. 'Cover' doesn't really do them justice; in I Just Saw a Face (Lennon/McCarthy) and River (Joni Mitchell), Holly has managed to reinvent the songs as her own.

Last updated Feb 21, 1999