Some people love their music, some hate it. I'm in the love camp.

Like Meatloaf, Styx are great storytellers in song. Live at the Paradise Theatre holds together as a series of related songs, as if a part of a grand stage play. Others, like The Grand Illusion hold songs that have become a part of our popular culture, like "Come Sail Away". Songs that are great stories... plus, layered with great harmonies.

Styx came to Montreal for a giant open-air Mega-Concert 3 years ago (they were in town for at least 3 more shows, but this one I could afford... it was free). As seems to be the annual tradition, it was one of the heaviest days of rain we'd had that year. That didn't stop a gigantic crowd from coming to hear the band perform, however. Hearing them perform was magical. Even after many years apart, they didn't miss a step, their sound as perfect as I remembered.

Their inspirational value for writing can't be undervalued.

Last updated July 19, 1998