Here's a singer that many people use as the butt of jokes. More fool they.

Where to start describing Meatloaf? I could start with his most enduring accomplishment: writing most of the songs used in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Love or hate the phenomenon of this film, songs like Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite are an essential part of pop culture today.

Meatloaf has produced a large body of work, but only two albums stand out as musical landmarks: Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell: Back to Hell. The latter a sequel to the former, spread over a decade apart. The songs, though, are a writer's source of inspiration... because Meatloaf doesn't just write songs; he puts stories to music.

I Would Do Anything For Love, his last big hit, is a prime example. It's more of a tale of the fight to keep love alive. Bat Out of Hell was the album that gave us many such classics: Paradise by the Dashboard Light/ Will You Love Me Forever/ Prayin' for the End of Time (an immortal rock trilogy), Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, Heaven Can Wait... it's an amazing list.

His voice, too, is amazing. In my opinion, Meatloaf has the most passionate strength and power to belt out songs.

His most recent album, Welcome to the Neighborhood, wasn't a major success on the charts, but I found it to be another solid work.

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Last updated July 19, 1998