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This is a section long overdue.

As a writer, I've read many books on the craft. I have opinions on each of them, and I thought that I would share them with you. Also, I've discovered serveral magazines and pieces of software of help as well.

The various reviews here will take some time to prepare, so you can always consider this document under construction. Check back from time to time to see if there are new reviews.

One change as of April 2nd, 1998: I am now an Associate. Some of these books are now also available for purchase through my 'storefront'. There are links to bring you where you need to go after the reviews.

One thing that came to my mind recently: I've yet to include a negative review on these pages. I started to worry that I might be biased now that I'm selling these books...

Here's the deal: If I find a book to be a stinker, I'll say so. If it's available for sale, and you still would like to purchase it, no one'll stop you. Don't worry that I might bias my reviews, though.

Through changes in's Associate Program policies, you can now buy other books through this storefront if you wish. You'll also find a way to search for books at Amazon through this site.

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