As we face the last few hours of the 20th century, I find myself deep in thought, as many the world over must be.

In our lifetimes to date, we have seen many great things, and many tragedies. In this last year, we had to say goodbye to many of the people who helped to shape our dreams and hopes.

The young born in the past few years, or the last few months, or even those to come... they won't know of some of the magic we've experienced in our lives.

That's why I have a resolution for you to make the effort to keep. It's one that I'm hoping won't be difficult for you, may even be a blessing:

Many have said for years how we should never let our children forget horros such as the Holocaust, never forget so as not to ever make these mistakes again. What I ask, on top of that, is that we also never let them forget the magic that we've all shared over the years.

Teach them of the comedy of Lucille Ball and Jackie Gleason. They'll see these things on Nickleodeon, but help them to see how we loved their humor, how it's not just corny black and white images.

Have your young join you to watch It's a Wonderful Life in the holiday season. Show them how Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart brought magic to the screen. For that matter, have them join you to watch The Wizard of Oz.

Spaceflight may become more common as they get older. Help them to discover the magic we felt when Neil Armstrong became the first man to ever step foot off Earth.

Above all, never let them forget the magic in a music group called The Beatles.

As long as we help them to see the magic, it'll never die.

I'll see you all on the other side of 2000. Peace.

© 1999

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Last Updated: December 31, 1999

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