Unconventional Journal

Setup: As the tradition of my Primedia reports has gone in these pages, I tend to be very critical (the convention organizer in my blood and all), Mike is generally more optimistic. This time, I dunno… Thursday Oct 21

The convention trip started a day ahead for me. I slept at my friend Pat's apartment, as a) he was coming on the trip with us, and b) Mike wanted to start early morning for Toronto, to beat the traffic. By staying at Pat's place, we could all meet together simultaneously.

Pat's got a very nice apartment. It would be a bit small for me (with my 'accumulation of stuff' so enormous), but it's a nice place. A bit too warm; it's heated, and the landlord goes a bit overboard though.

Pat took the sofa, let me have the bed. I was willing to reverse the roles, but you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. J After watching Friends and Jesse, we played WWF Attitude on his Playstation for awhile, then went to sleep…

Or in my case tried to. As with our traditions of the road trips, I couldn't sleep until early morning, getting scant few hours sleep before the trip. I was awake and conscious at the right time though.

Friday Oct 22

We grabbed our things (1 bag, and it was still heavy) and met Mike by the subway to start our trip.

Here was the first bad omen from Mike: on the way, he asked me if I'd seen the program online. I hadn't; he told me that from what he'd seen, this was going to be a bad con. Optimist Mike already prepared for the worst? This was bad. Really bad.