Writer's Journal: November and December

Both due to the time I was stuck computerless - AND the fact that I want to get caught up here, I'm combining two months into one for this journal entry.

To all visitors to the Wild World of Jeff (and to everyone else, actually) I wish a happy, healthy holiday season, and a New Year filled with more joy than this one.

Hannukah menorahOf course, as with all my fellow Jews, our holiday has already passed. Hope it was a good one.

Up to November 6th

I was still without a computer during this time. As a result, I got no writing done, except for in my head.

The first weekend of November saw me attending this year's Primedia convention. This year, I was not only a program participant (as I've been the past 4 years) but I was also comped (complimentary pass) as a pro.

With all of my APA work over the last 9 years, my scripts for both animated short subjects and comics, and my published game work, it was nice to finally get considered as a pro.

The convention was a flop on many fronts: Alyson Court wasn't there for the second year running; program scheduling was shoddy (people scheduled to speak on two different panels at the same time - often; people not staying at the hotel getting scheduled for panels at 10am - Toronto is a large city!); the hotel wasn't Accessible to reach.

Still, my weekend was made by one event: a dinner Saturday night with most of the literary guests. This gave me the chance to shmooze with some of the bigshots of today's science-fiction community (Robert J. Sawyer is the current president of SFWA).

Week of Nov 7th - 13th

I got my computer back! A great thing to get days after Primedia.

I spent the better part of this week reinstalling my software, so I didn't really get much writing done as a result.

Considering that Comicopia is due at the beginning of December, that makes me frantic...

Week of Nov 14th - 20th

A frantic week of work on Comicopia.

I already missed another deadline on APACalypse; that makes at least two in a row for me. That's two too many.

I've never missed a single issue of Comicopia though - not since we started it more than 8 years ago. No way I'm going to start now.

Week of Nov 21st - 27th

Another deadline that lapsed for me, due to the computer crash: my column for PWD. Three weeks into the relaunch, and I've already missed several weeks worth. *sigh*

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