Writer's Journal: November and December

Here's the December portion. NOW I'm up-to-date.

Week of Nov 28th - Dec 4th

While getting my Comicopia zine prepared, I made a frustrating discovery: after all the tribulations of my computer crash, it turns out that my printer power supply has shorted out. Until I can get it replaced, I won't be able to print anything from home.

With my deadline being next Friday, that is NOT pleasant news to hear...

This week, I also experienced the closest thing I've ever felt to a religious experience while writing: my latest story for the Writer's Loft came to me in the space of a few short hours on deadline night. In the case of A Better Day (which will shortly be in the Story Archive), it was less a matter of me creating it than it was me transcribing it for another source.

Week of Dec 5th - 11th

I got my Comicopia zine finished and printed on time, thanks to my 'partner in crime', Mike. My largest zine in years, at 21 pages.

This issue contained two stories from me: the above-mentioned A Better Day, and the first chapter of an original serial, called In the Eye of the Storm. I'd been talking about characters I created years ago in my zine; I finally began to write about them. (This will also end up in the Story Archive)

This is a good start; up until now, I've mostly written emotional or character-based stories - but little in the way of action pieces. In the Eye of the Storm will give me the opportunity to change that - hopefully.

Week of Dec 12th - 18th

I produced another story for The Writer's Loft this week: Uninvited. This story, in my opinion, is my 'Ray Bradbury-style' tale. Another story to share in the Story Archive. That'll bring me up to 4 on that page.

I also finally handed in a column for PWD. I hoped to send in a second one shortly afterwards, to get myself in advance of publication, but it hasn't happened yet.

Week of Dec 19th - 25th

Sometimes, you miss the forest for the trees.

That was the realization that hit me as I began reading the latest Comicopia. In most of the other zines, members were congratulating the APA on reaching its 50th issue. I completely forgot to mention it!

I guess all my computer woes distracted me. I'll have to address this in my next zine...

I didn't get much writing done this week; I was too concerned about my mom: she came down with pneumonia a few weeks back. As she healed of it, the weakness and trouble with her lungs had both her and her doctor worried that she might be having heart problems (her family has a history of them). Result: she spent Christmas Eve in a hospital for observation - and I spent a lot of time worrying.

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