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I was born May 14th, 1967 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

I grew up in St-Sauveur, a town in the country. When I graduated high school, I moved back to Montreal to further my studies. Since then, I've achieved a lot of things.

Currently, I've been focussing my energies on several projects, or at least have been hoping to work on them.

This gives you an idea of what I do, but not much of what I am. here's some other information that should give you more of a feel for me:

My Hobbies

Singing, watching professional wrestling and soap operas (they're really the same thing, except wrestlers are better actors), reading/writing/watching science fiction and fantasy, watching cartoons.

My Favorite Types of Music

Jazz (especially Miles Davis and Charlie Parker pieces), A-Capella (favorite group: The House Jacks), Reggae... pretty much all styles except Heavy Metal.

My Favorite Writers

Roger Zelazny, Elmore Leonard, Ed McBain, Fritz Leiber.

My Greatest Inspirations

Isaac Asimov. I started to read his works at a very young age, and they helped to shape me into the man I am today.

My life has parallelled Isaac's in many ways. A former teacher had me read his autobiography years ago, and I was surprised to find out how similar we were.

If I ever get to be HALF as prolific a writer as he was, I'll be content.

Hope Hoey. My teacher in both Grade 3 and 5. Mrs. Hoey always encouraged me to follow my dreams, let my imagination roam free. I haven't seen her for more than a decade, but she still asks my mother about me on the ocassions that they run into each other.

She was the former teacher who clued me into Isaac Asimov's autobiography.

Update: I learned in e-mail from one of her daughters today that she passed away January 3rd, 2003.

Hope Hoey
1919 - 2003


Dawson College
D.E.C. (Diplome Educationel Cegep, basically a diploma by another name) in Creative Arts.

I got a very rounded education in the arts, learning how to play guitar (badly). I also studied acting, singing, drawing and creative writing.

Concordia University
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema - Animation option.

A lot of the artistic fields that I studied in College melded together for the 4 years I spent here. In the end, I discovered that my strengths lay in two aspects of film-making: script-writing and voice acting for cartoons.
Dawson College again; Attestation in Micro Computer Business Applications
In 1996, I updated my skills with basic computer programs, like MS Office. I've been trying to parlay this inro a more permanent job.


  • Wrote the original script for an animated short called "Napoleon and Fortuné", sometimes seen on Cable stations.

  • I was the voice of "Mr. Boman" in an animated anti-drug message for television.

  • I also had my first roleplaying adventure, Crashpoint, published in July of 1995. I talk about this more elsewhere on my site.

Hopes and Dreams

  • Producing more roleplaying material for publication, as well as trying to break in to the field of interactive CD-ROM games as a scriptwriter. As I become more successful at these endeavors, you will be able to read about them either on my Projects Page or, if I do VERY well, they'll end up on my Published Works Page.

    As of 1999, I began my attempts to get into the world of print Science Fiction too.

    I've started to accumulate a pile of rejection slips, so I have proof of my attempts. :)

  • I've also been trying to break in the tv and film script market as well. Although I'd LOVE to sell a script to X-Files, the show isn't taking outside script submissions. (Too bad; they really need better writers these days...). Babylon 5 is another show I'd hoped to write for, but it's now over for a few years now.

    This paragraph is now years out of date.

    I'll find my market yet...

One last thing

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