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Hey there, hi, howdy!

This site has undergone major refurbishing lately!

This site used to be hosted on Geocities, but recent practices there led me away. As a result, expect some changes to the site, as I clear away unneeded stuff. You may see some Geo ads on pages, but I'm removing them bit by bit.

Expect to read of lots of joy and angst of a freelance author, one who never stops writing every moment he can: me.

This link will fill you in on the history of my site.

There's a lot of info on writing here. Originally, this site's intended purpose was as a place for me to brag about my own published works, but it's grown into a forum on writing in general. I have articles on the craft, two types of writer discussion forums, a story archive, a journal on my progress... you will find a lot of stuff if you surf around.

Oh yes: there's also a Guestbook. Please sign it.

You can use the navigation bar to the right of this text to explore the various treasures of the site. I hope you enjoy it!


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