Writer's Journal: April

NOW I'm back up to date! When I promised to catch up, I wasn't kidding!

**NEW** Week of March 31st - April 6th 2000

The editor of The Suburban newspaper got back to me:.

He doesn't have the space currently for a new column, but he's proposed that I write an occasional OpEd piece for the newspaper.

That's a positive beginning. I'll have the chance to show what I can do, and get my message out to people.

I also got my mom's birthday gift (a new printer. Finally, I'll be able to print up my business cards!), brought by my brother-in-law. He helped me to get the various glitches in this PC fixed up. Good thing we did... the CPU fan was ready to burn out again, which would once more cause my CPU to melt as it did a few years ago!

We also went out to buy me a new modem, and a much faster CD-ROM drive. I now have a 40X, rather than the 8X I've been using for more than 4 years.

There seem to be some glitches left to fix, which we'll do next weekend. At least I can go online longer again, and more importantly print my zines again.

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Last Updated: April 10, 2000

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