Writer's Journal: September

So much happened this month, that I almost forgot to update the Journal!

Week of Aug. 26th - Sept. 2nd

Still jazzed up from the events of the Toronto Comic Expo, I spent most of the week working on APA stuff. I wanted to work on Comicopia, but the deadline for APACalypse was more pressing.

For that 'zine, I wrote what I consider one of my best adventure write-ups ever: a one shot action/comedy "movie" titled "Gruesome Reunion". Writing this scenario was one of the most fun pieces that I've written in a long time!

Week of Sept. 3rd - 9th

I have now tracked down most of the software that I lost in the computer crash a month or so ago. I'm glad, because producing an entire 'zine in WordPerfect 8 was a real pain. Not because it's a bad word processor. It was a pain because I wasn't familiar enough with the formatting tricks to produce what I wanted exactly.

Most of the week I was writing Letters of Comment for various comics that I read. I haven't been a regular 'letterhack' for a few years (not that I was very successful... only two letters published so far), and felt that it was time to get back in the groove.

Week of Sept. 10th - 16th

I've been getting more into the deadline groove for my PWD column. This is a deadline that I wasn't totally in synch with, until now. I've managed to produce 3 weekly columns in a row, all early for the deadlines.

I submitted the last official homework assignment for my course at Virtual University. We're supposed to get the exam sent in e-mail next week.

I've really been disappointed with this course; the teacher, due to his duties and time-limitations as the Webmaster as well, has never offered us feedback or critique on our homework. Without feedback or critique, how are we supposed to learn? For all I know, all my assignments weren't done right, and I won't know until the final grades...

At least I got a chance to stretch my roleplaying/ character development muscles during the week as well. I'm developing a character for a play-by-email game, Jonah Salkind. I'm working hard at creating a believable background and personality for him.

Also, I've developed a 'fan' site for my fictional wrestling Champion, the Oakland Oddball. If you'd like a chuckle, surf over and check the out The Oakland Oddball's Funhouse. It uses Cascading Style Sheets, so you'll need a browser that supports them.

I've also been unemployed for over 2 months now. I've started installing myself as a freelance Web Design firm to make some extra cash. Time to put my skills to some paying use!

Week of Sept. 17th - 23rd

VERY stressful deadline crunch time! Because of all the projects I've been involved in this month, I let Comicopia drag. I now have a week to produce a 'zine!

Fortunately, I have gotten so tuned into the deadline rhythm for the APA that I managed to produce a complete 16pp 'zine, from rough text to final layout, on time.

This makes my 100th 'zine self-published since 1989. I think I can officially be crowned the Publishing Masochist of the Year!

Week of Sept. 24th - 30th

The major event of this week was the arrival of the convention that I help to run every year, Con*Cept.

This year's event was at a new hotel. In some ways better than our past choice (no screwy elevators!), but in others bad (poor ventilation, in the midst of renovations).

Our Guest of Honor was Lois McMaster Bujold, an author who I know by name, but not by her writing. That is changing, though, as I'm in the midst of reading one of her books right now...

I had fun. Got to speak on 5 discussion panels altogether, heard some useful advice on writing, and may even line up a mini-contract through one of the contacts that I made. I also got my first true science fiction fanzine... I'll be seeing if I can get into proper fanac (fan activity) by writing a letter to it soon.

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