Writer's Journal: November

For once, I'm starting a bit more up-to-date on this journal... let's see how long I can last!

Week of October 30th - November 5th

Well, I won't make the deadline for this issue of APACalypse. Not enough time to finish, not enough funds to print. C'est la vie.

The rest of this week went pretty well, actually. As I mentioned at the end of the last journal, the weekend of the 31st - 2nd was another convention, PriMedia in Toronto.

The convention itself was a mixed bag. Meeting the TV guests was fun - especially getting to meet Richard Biggs [Dr. Franlink on Babylon 5], but the rest of the con was pretty slow and poorly attended.

What made the weekend a success for me though was finally getting together with Kevin Davies of Peregrine Games. I've been talking to him (and on this site) about writing for his company. Well, it's finally official!

I also handed in my comic script, "Trust" during the con. We'll see if the final product passes muster soon.

Week of November 6th - 12th

I got some tremendously good news for my writing this week: the comic script that I mentioned for last week has been accepted. I now have my first sale in that field!

I'll have to write some small changes, it won't be published until some time in 1998, and I won't get paid until then... but none of that matters. All that matters is that I've made my first writing sale in a few years.

From the "Eeek!" Department: It is December 21st today, so I haven't updated the Journal in over a month!

Not a lot of good things happened during this time. Actually, not a lot at all. So, the next batch will be a bit thin on content... but I'll try to get up to date.

**NEW**Week of November 13th - 19th

Not a great deal of activity writing-wise this week.

**NEW**Week of November 20th - 26th

I started to race as far as work on the latest Comicopia issue. The deadline is December 6th. I started working on my 'zine a few weeks ago, but my time became full of other projects lately - including the start of a stage at an Internet Technology firm this week.

So, time for a lot of caffeine and writing inspiration...

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