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Week of Oct. 27th - Oct. 31st
This is less than a week of time because I wanted to lump my convention experiences into one entry, instead of breaking it in half.

Most of this week was spent revving up excitement for PriMedia, the media science fiction convention that I would be attending Nov. 1st-4th. This will be a very different event for me to attend, as I'll explain in the next entry.

I found out from the publishers of my previous project, Crashpoint, that I could get more copies as portfolio pieces for free. On my current budget, that's a major godsend.

Some of them may be used while pitching my Secret Interactive Project, which seems to have hit a few more snags.

Week of Nov. 1st - Nov. 8th
Ahhh... PriMedia weekend. PriMedia is a media science fiction convention held in Toronto, Ontario every year. I first attended it in 1995, when Spider Robinson was Guest of Honor. I'm part of a group of people who call themselves "Spiderheads", because we'll follow him to every convention we can. :)

This year was a change of pace for me. The Guest of Honor wasn't really important to me (Camilla Scott, replacing original GoH Chris Carter), but this convention was more interesting to me for one reason: I was there as a panellist, on the discussion panels dealing with comics. With this being the first convention I was on panels *without* being a convention organizer, it was a definite change of pace - a more relaxed one.

On top of speaking on panels, I also got to speak with some folks who I may end up doing some writing for. More on this as things develop.

I became a member of Freelance, a Canadian organization of people who work (or want to) in the comic field.

I also got to see Alyson Court again. Alyson is an actress who performs the voice of Jubilee on the X-Men cartoon, and plays Loonette on a kids show called The Comfy Couch. Alyson is a lovely young lady, and a very sweet person as well. I'm hoping we'll get to see her at next year's convention as well.

(Yes, I'm quite smitten. I can dream, can't I?)

This week also saw me join another organization: the HTML Writers Guild . Another potentially useful alliance for the future.

Week of Nov.9th - Nov. 15th
Not a big week for writing news. I worked on my latest Comicopia 'zine, due in the next week. I still don't have the newer computer equipment I need, so I'm still chugging away on my Atari computer...

Week of Nov. 16th - Nov. 22nd
Lots of stuff has happened for me during this past week.

First, I know that I'll soon have some of my needed computer equipment. The people I've been waiting on to provide a system are trying to make that happen within the next week.

Second, I got my Comicopia 'zine finished: 23 pages once set out in my dtp package, 30 pages of typed text - and all produced in about a week-and-a-half! I'm continuing my deadline crunch successes; now, I hope I can do the same with my upcoming APACalypse 'zine, due on Dec. 5th...

Third, I've joined a new online writing venture. The Starshield Project is the child of authors Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman, the authors of the Dragonlance series of novels.

Basically, this is the universe they are using for their next series of novels. As an experiment in global shared world settings, they are allowing fans and authors from around the globe take over a sector of space. We can design our own empires and races, and, via discussions among the other writers, come up with alliances, work on wars, detail what repercussions the events in the novels have on our empires, etc. If they like what comes of the project, elements will be incorporated into the novels (and a roleplaying game based on them) - and the authors of the material used will get both a credit in the books as well as renumeration.

With the possibility of stretching my skills in the science fiction genre, and helping to develop a published universe, how could I not take a chance?

A final bit of good stuff to come out of the week is a bit of bragging on my part, but I can't help it: The Wild World of Jeff has now become a Featured Page for Geocities SoHo neighborhood! This is an honor, and a thrill. I'm anticipating a lot more visitors to this site as a result, and hoping for a lot of Guestbook entries...

Week of Nov. 23rd - Nov. 29th
Well, I didn't get that computer equipment owed me... yet. I'm beginning to get quite frustrated with this; every week of delay costs me potential writing revenue.

I didn't get my APACalypse 'zine started, and I now have exactly one week left to produce it, if I'm planning to contribute to the upcoming issue. Even though I know what I want to write for the issue, I've hit a block as far as getting my creative juices flowing. Another frustration.

To make matters worse, I still haven't received an answer from Sympatico Netlife, a Canadian magazine on the Internet, that I would like to contribute some articles to. I sent a request for Writer's Guidelines via the e-mail address that a fellow freelance writer/friend gave me.

I guess it's Karma; last week was very positive, so this week had to be equally negative. Joy.

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