Writer's Journal: May

Well, I fell behind on the journal again...

In my defense, it was partially due to the fact that May was a remarkably slow writing month for me.

Week of April 30th - May 6th

I completed my zine for APACalypse on time for deadline.

Week of May 7th - 13th

I missed my column deadline for PWD this week. I'm back in school for the summer in a Continuing Education program to increase my chances on the job market. Getting used to the school routine threw all of my schedule off.

Week of May 14th - 20th

This was a bittersweet week for me. On a high point, it started with my 31st birthday on the 14th; the bad news was that it was the same day that Frank Sinatra died. Definite mixed emotions.

Week of May 21st - 28th

I've begun working on my zine for Comicopia #47, due June 12th.

It just hit me that next issue will be our 8th Anniversary. That means 8 years without missing a deadline. Wow.

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Last Updated: July 18, 1998

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