Writer's Journal: March

The month when my thoughts turn to spring - or rather, turn to how much I want spring to start. I'm SICK of the cold!

Week of Feb 21 - 27th, 1999

Granted, this is still an entry for February - but it's a shorter month, so everything about it and my journals will be weird. That's my story, and I'll stick to it.

A lot of this week I was searching for alternate routes to print my work. Until this bloody printer mess is fixed, I have to find other ways to get my work ready. I don't want anymore technical woes to thwart more productivity.

Most of my writings this past week were for my fantasy wrestling characters (stop snickering). The Oakland Oddball is on his way to becoming a champion (with interviews I've had a lot of fun writing), as is Doug Christian.

Week of Feb 28th - March 6th

I started to stretch my screenwriting muscles this week: at work, I was asked to clean up the notes we had for a video script (I'm working with a group that educates the public about handicapped parking spaces).

While looking the notes over, I couldn't help myself... I actually ended up re-writing the script idea the others had. As I'm the film grad of the group, it just felt right for me to make it more film-worthy.

My draft is still a little dry - I'm sure it would need several rewrites to be view-worthy - but it was nice to stretch my writing muscles.

Week of March 7th - 13th

This week, I branched into yet another writing domain: writing press releases. I was asked by the Con*Cept convention chair if I'd try to produce a release for this year's convention, one that we could submit to school papers.

I also started working on my zines at a frenetic pace. Whether my printer works or not, my deadlines are both within the first few weeks of April. It 'helps' that I only received the last issue of APACalypse near the end of this week...

Fortunately, I'd already started on Comicopia over a week ago. I wanted to make sure I had some strong content for my zine. So far, it looks like I won't be as rushed to write these 2 newsletters for once.

Week of March 14th - 20th

I forgot to mention last week: one of my characters in fantasy wrestling, the Oakland Oddball, became the first ever Ironman champion for his league. All the while, I've been writing wild, entertaining promos for him. I definitely have a touch of the frustrated actor in my soul.

[For those still amazed that someone of my writing interests and subjective skill enjoys wrestling, I refer to a quote from Mr. Spock on Star Trek: "The greater the intellect, the baser the entertainment needs."]

This week, I learned that the Writers Loft will be on a hiatus until some time in the spring. I missed several weeks due to the joys of Upgrade Hell; now I'll start feeling serious withdrawl symptoms.

Most of my writing this week involved my Mailing Comments for Comicopia. When I get myself focused on a task, I stay fixated on it until the job is done.

At least the end of this week saw me able to print again. The death throes of Upgrade Hell saw my PC back in the shop - only to find that my printer did work after all. I've started to feel like I have the hardware equivalent of the Warner Brothers singing frog...

Week of March 21st - 27th

My energy to write may finally increase: the snow is finally melting in Montreal, and temperatures have been very spring-like. Winter is almost over!

It's funny; I'm not at all a fan of sunlight - yet the months of dreary gray weather (and the cold. Won't forget that!), the lack of light, did affect my writing drive considerably, as I mentioned in detail in the February Journals.

Maybe that's why I've been able to get my work done faster on my zines. I finished my Comicopia Mailing Comments at the beginning of the week, started - and finished - my comments for APACalypse (it's a smaller APA to comment on), and have now begun my story (In the Eye of the Storm, Chapter 2) for 'copia.

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