Writer's Journal: June

A lot of reasons have kept me from updating this Journal the past month. Some of them I'll discuss in the Journal itself.

One of the reasons is likely public knowledge to virtually everyone online today: the Terms of Service that Yahoo! Geocities added to the system once they bought it. As a writer trying to make money in his field, such a grab of copyrights bothered me. I waited for the dust to clear...

Week of May 30th - June 5th, 1999

The biggest news during this week had nothing to do with my writing: on June 3rd, 1999, my sister gave birth to my twin nieces, Amanda Kathleen and Rebecca Lianne.

I met the little ones two days later. I was already in love with them before they were born; I just fell deeper in when I saw them.

I amazed myself at writing prolificity. The final tally on the APAs: two weeks early on 'copia, a week early on Apacalypse. I began work on the next issue of Comicopia during this week, in fact.

Week of June 6th - 12th

Another week of very steady work on Comicopia.

I also tried to work on Y2K, to get it ready for magazine submission. It's proving to be harder than I expected; everytime I get a scene finished, I grow too tired to continue on it.. This has been very frustrating, as the timetable for story submission before 2000 draws ever nearer. I do NOT want to miss that!

Week of June 13th - 19th

Another week, even more APA writing.

Y2K is still moving slowly for me. I have to say, this is proving to be my most challenging task to date as far as moving my writing forwards.

Week of June 20th - 26th

This was a week that much went South on me, causing this site to suffer. Fortunately, my writing didn't.

As I mentioned above, the Terms of Service issues for Yahoo! Geocities caused a major protest. Hundreds of artist sites have now left for pastures less legally risky, and several of the other Community Leaders have resigned as well.

I'll stay; my site has been on Geo for almost 4 years, and I don't wish to change that. However, I've removed my story archive section until I can get it installed on another server - and my other site, Kravt Diner, has moved.

On the writing end, I decided that my fatigue working on Y2K came from my mind telling me that it didn't want to add the extra scenes. So, I just went back to the original story, and managed to finish it!

I'll be mailing out the final version within a few days.

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