Writer's Journal: June

Yikes! In the rush of June, I never got around to putting the Journal together. Serious catch-up time!

Week of May 25th - June 1st

Weird stuff happening with my courses: because Virtual University is making changes in their Web site, as well as starting a new semester, it seems that both my independant studies have vanished...

I'm holding on to print-outs of the notes for the Writing for Publication course. They were very interesting, and I think that they'll prove to be very useful resources in times to come.

Week of June 2nd - 8th

I got another surprise this week: a follow-up on the development of The Starshield Project. I spoke of my involvement in this months ago, and my subsequent dropping out because their rules for taking part gave me problems.

Well, I spoke with the people in charge of the technical side of things, and I'm now preparing my empire to join in. I've got a lot of fun ideas; we'll see how they translate to this shared universe...

Week of June 9th - 15th

Not a big week for my writing work. It was the week that my then-current job contract ran out, but it was also a week of good news: another position was found for me within the company, so I've got another 3 months of employment. This brings me to 9 months more of employment than I've had in almost 3 years.

In a way, this does apply to furthering my writing: a writer often needs other work to pay the bills, and I can actually do that now. Plus, being able to eat more regularly keeps me concentrated. =]

Week of June 16th - 22nd

Nothing much to record for writing this week. Monday the 16th I started my new job, however.

Week of June 23rd - 29th

Another slow week. I didn't make the deadline for APACalypse this issue, as I'm still waiting for my first cheque to pay for such things.

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