Writer's Journal: May

So far, a lot of stuff to talk about. This is a busy month!

Week of April 27th - May 3rd

This week, I found out that I made the cut for that Writing for Publication course that I mentioned last week,

I'm now a member of the staff for the Virtual University Newspaper. Here's my chance to get something fancy on my resumé...

Week of May. 4th - 10th

I not only made the cut for Writing for Publication, but I was also accepted into the other course I signed up for: Advanced HTML and Web Design. So, I have a lot of projects in my schedule once more.

I've also discovered the bane for writers who want to make their deadlines: I've become addicted to Quake. Oy.

Week of May 11th - 17th

The biggest event for me this week had only a little bit to do with my writing. This week, May 14th to be exact, was my 30th birthday.

It's weird how numbers can feel so important. For some, 30 is the end of 'youth', and the start of 'adult' life. For me, it's just... weird.

Truth to tell, I never expected to make it this far. Now that I have, I guess I'll just give life another 30 years until I've figured out how things are going. =]

Meanwhile, I got one of the books that I need to research the Budoka Sourcebook as a birthday present. My research for that project is now heavily underway!

Week of May 18 - 24

I'm now a part of the Sengoku Mailing List. I'm amazed at the level of knowledge on Japanese culture that I'm finding among the various list contributors. I'm actually finding it a bit intimidating...

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