Writer's Journal: January

I've been a little bit remiss in updating this lately. Sorry.

Week of January 6th - 12th.

I didn't end up getting to work on the Budoka sourcebook this week after all. Too many conflicting deadlines running together at once.

I did finally get some guidelines for a magazine I want to write for called Sympatico Netlife. If my work gets accepted, their pay rates are quite good - so I'm trying hard to get an idea or two accepted!

Week of Jan. 13th - 19th

In December, I mentioned that the husband of one of the cousins I'm working with was a filmmaker. Well, he called me this week to start arranging a meeting.

Turns out that he's also a friend of mine. I've known him for the past 3 years, but had no idea that he was married into the family. We were both a bit stunned.

Six degrees of separation? More like two - except I don't yet know how we could show that we also know Kevin Bacon...

It also looks as if I'll be a speaking guest at a science fiction convention in Ottawa at the end of February. More information as it becomes available

Week of Jan. 20th - 26th

I got my 'zine for Comicopia ready for deadline, as always. At 12 pages, it isn't my largest output to date, but it was a solid production.

Week of Jan. 27th - Feb 2nd

I rushed to put together another 'zine for APACalypse. The deadlines have been too close together for far too long; I'm just barely making them these days.

People often ask me why I'm such a deadline stickler for projects that I don't get paid for. My answer: a deadline is a deadline, paid or not. If I can't maintain a regular deadline on my personal work, then I certainly wouldn't be able to with paid work either.

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