Writer's Journal: February

Another month gone by that I was slow to update this Journal. In my defense, February IS a short month, and you lose track of the time. *weak grin*

Week of February 2nd - 8th.

Annoying news this week.

I have been waiting for R. Talsorian Games to send me extra copies of my module, Crashpoint, so that I could use them as portfolio pieces. It had been over 2 months since we'd spoken, and still no sign of them.

I called them up this week to find out what was happening. The result: they found they had no copies in their stock.

A follow-up call to DreamPod 9, my publishers, revealed that my module had sold out completely.

While this is a good thing for my work, it's also a bad thing in terms of having materials to show. I will now have to start photocopying my module to send as a portfolio to other companies. This is only a small bit of extra work, but still a little annoying

Week of Feb 9th - 15th

Nothing much to report on writing-wise for this week. In terms of this site, I started to look into some interesting Java and Active-X apps to add in. I've found a few useful applications, like Guestbooks and counters, that I think would help this site to improve.

Week of Feb. 16th - 22nd

Another week of mostly relaxation. Once in awhile I have to take a break from my writing to recharge the creative batteries. This has been one of those weeks.

[I just hope that I haven't begun taking too many of these...]

Week of Feb. 23rd - March 1st

Sunday the 23rd was another opportunity to promote myself.

Along with Mike Aragona, my co-distribution manager on Comicopia, Francisco Manuel Rosa, creator of Variations on the Theme, and Marc Shainblum writer for Angloman, I was a speaker at this month's meeting of the Ottawa Science Fiction Society.

We talked about comics, the comic publishing industry, APAs, and how to break into the business. I'm beginning to enjoy speaking at seminars and conventions - possibly because of the change from my days of working on Con*Cept. Not having to worry about the organizing of an event works wonders on my stress levels.

On top of getting to enjoy this show, I also got to sell 5 copies of Comicopia. That was as many sold in one day as we typically do in a few months. Good news for the membership next 'zine.

During the week I also surfed the Home Page of DreamPod 9, which has finally been updated.

From what I read, they have a lot of exciting projects upcoming. Projects that I'd love to be a part of. Time to get to brainstorming!

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