Writer's Journal: December

I'm posting the entire month of December's worth of jounals in early January. Sorry that it took so long... but as I write this (early morning January 10th) a major event has taken up much of my time:

Ice Storm 98.

Montreal has been hit by the worst ice and frozen rain storm of the century this past week. So many fallen trees and power-lines have made the outdoors look like Dante's 3rd level of Hell... I had no electricity for 2 days, but I was lucky: over a million homes still DON'T have power - and one of the city's 2 water treatment plants is now out as well, so we're in a water shortage as well.

Sad, frustrating stuff... but it gives me even more reason to write at this moment: keeps my sanity reasonably intact.

Week of November 27th - December 3rd

I got my latest zine for Comicopia polished up and ready for printing.

I also found out that my comic script won't likely be published until 199 now. I keep missing my publisher friend when we want to go over the changes in the script, too. A real drag.

Week of December 4th - 10th

I quit my stage at the web firm I mentioned last month. I wasn't being paid, and it led to far more frustration than productive moments.

I handed in my latest column for PWD. To date, I've managed to get into the proper rhythm of regular submissions. I haven't missed handing in a column for over 4 weeks now.

I'm also finally getting e-mails from webmasters who would like me to review their sites in my column. It took about 6 months, but it's finally catching on!

Week of December 11th - 17th

Handed in my next PWD column.

Week of December 18th - 24th

I made a frightening revellation a few days before the holidays: both Comicopia and APACalypse will be due on the exact same day for the next deadline! I got a headstart on both publications... hope I can get them ready on time!

This also led up to the holiday season as well as my nephew's 2nd birthday (can you tell how proud an uncle I am?).

Hope all your holidays turned out well.

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