Writer's Journal: August

Another month's worth of journals in one shot...

Week of July 26th - August 1st, 1999

At the beginning of the month, I got my cheque. Which meant: I mailed off Y2K - now rewritten and renamed Life Compliant, to Amazing Stories magazine.

Let's see if third time is indeed the charm...

The rewrite definitely proved to be a change from the original story. While my last draft was more internal as far as the emotions, I went all out with gusto on events this time around.

Whether the newer version will indeed prove to be a better one as well will really depend on the editor's opinions. I'll have to wait and see

Week of August 2nd - 8th

No word back from Amazing Stories yet. Not surprising, but I'm hoping for no news to be good news.

Meanwhile, I've been racing away to get Comicopia. Our deadline is on the 13th, and it's our 9th Anniversary issue (I mentioned this last month... it's that important to me!). I don't want to miss that.

wow. 9 years. Have I really been a self-publisher for so long? It boggles my mind!

Meanwhile, I'm plugging away at the design of our website at work. It's been practically a year I've been working on this; I'd like to see things finished eventually.

Week of August 9th - 15th

I made the Comicopia deadline. Days ahead, printed up. No problem.

Then, I looked at the zines I printed up - and my hair practically turned white from horror: a page was printed in duplicate. Worse, that page had major omissions.

I can't blame anyone else for these errors. I should have noticed them right off the bat when I saw the first test copy printed.

I've become the Les Nessman of the APA *sigh*

Week of August 16th - 22nd

Not a lot of writing work done this week.

I did attend a few of the organizational meetings for Con*Cept 99 though. Worked out which discussion panels I'd enjoy being a part of.

Week of August 23rd - 29th

Not a huge amount of activity in this week. A lot of news to come for September, though!

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