Writer's Journal: August

It has been another month since I last updated this journal. I don't like this...

**NEW**Week of July 28th - Aug. 3rd

Other than preparing my next week's column for PWD, there wasn't really anything to report on the writing front.

**NEW**Week of Aug. 4th - 10th

A computer crash left me scrambling to get back all the software that I lost, including some pieces that I found very helpful with my writing. This proves an adage that I've heard many times, preached many times, but seem to have forgotten in my own case: to back up the important stuff often. *sigh*

**NEW**Week of Aug. 11th - 17th

Still trying to get all my software back. I'm not used to using WordPerfect 8 as my regular word processor...

My major writing work this past week was getting an assignment ready for my Writing for Publication course: specifically, an interview piece, conducted with another student at VU.

This was the first time I conducted an actual interview. It was an interesting experience - and one that I learned a lot from.

Good thing, since I'm supposed to be conducting some interviews at the next big wrestling Pay Per View for the WWF in Montreal on Nov. 9th.

Week of Aug. 18th - 25th

I got my week's column for PWD in early this week. The reason: along with Mike Aragona and Francisco Rosa (two fellow Comicopians and comic publishers), I went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the National Comics Expo.

Although I didn't enjoy Toronto itself (something I won't go into in detail... a friend of mine lives there, and gets upset when I badmouth her city), the Expo itself was great.

I had the opportunity to make some contacts with professionals in the field, got some pointers on the craft of scripting comics (thank you Richard Pace)... and solidified my decision to try my hand at scripting a story for one of Francisco's comics.

Considering that I've been a lover of this medium for about 20 years, I'm surprised that I never tried my hand at working in it. Well, it's time. I'm starting small, to get my feet wet, but I'm starting.

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