Writer's Journal: April

I'm still managing to update this more often. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Week of March 26th - April 1st

Nothing like wrapping a week on April Fool's Day...

I didn't write a lot this week, due to all the time I spent on Block Monitoring for my stint as SoHo Community Leader.

Week of April 2nd - 8th

Got my Comicopia zine finished and copied a few days before deadline. I'll be visiting family in Vermont for Passover during the weekend of the 10th, so I'll be missing collation day.

Week of April 9th - 15th

Not much to report on the writing front here. I've been waiting for PWD to return (it's been down for awhile), so no column produced. I've been monitoring my Geocities 'beat', and working on my own web firm site.

Week of April 16th - 22nd

I received my payment for Trust (the comic script I've mentioned in past journals. That brings my writing revenues for '98 to over $120 Canadian. Woohoo!

Week of April 23rd - 29th

Most of the week was spent in a mad rush to complete the latest APACalypse zine on time.
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