Writer's Journal: April

What a surprise... I fell behind on this section *again*

Week of March 30th - April 5th.

Not a dramatic amount of activity in terms of producing work during this week; a lot of activity as far as research and contacts go however.

I finally got word back from Peregrine Games about the possibilities of working with them. I'm awaiting some material by mail.

Week of Apr. 6th - 12th

I received the Guidelines and Submission forms that I needed from Peregrine Games in the mail. I also finally got a lead on a source for information I need for my Sengoku sourcebook

Even better, a book I ordered on screenwriting [The Complete Book of Scriptwriting, by Joe Straczynski] finally arrived at a bookstore for me. I'll offer a review of the book on this site when I'm done.

Week Apr. 13th - 19th

I finally had time to speak with someone at the Japanese Cultural Center of Canada, Montreal Branch about the materials I need for research on The Budoka Sourcebook for Sengoku. I should be working out some book loans soon.

Week of Apr. 20th - 26th

I went to the Japanese Cultural Center on Sunday. It took almost 4 hours of transit with weekend service, but it was worth it. They loaned me 4 books on Japanese history that should help me greatly on the Budoka sourcebook.

I'm also starting to work on my 'zine for issue # 41 of Comicopia. The deadline is indeed approaching (May 24th), and I want to be ready a little sooner this time around; I'd like to not rush on a publication for once.

I also submitted the first lesson for a course I'm taking at Virtual University: Writing for Publication. It's an internship program aimed at getting experience in publishing via a campus newspaper.

The first assignment is also meant as my pitch to be part of the final selections for the course itself, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good news.

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