Writer's Journal: September

I should soon be up to date, with this being all the month of September...

Week of August 30th - September 5th, 1999

Still no word back from Amazing Stories magazine.

I've started working on Comicopia 55, and the latest APACalypse as well. Yes, this is a neverending job. FanAc (FAN ACtivity) is like a full-time job, except you don't get paid for it.

My next story is proving to be a challenge. I had a strong idea for "Chico", started writing strong... but my energy on the story has fizzled.

Once I get this one done, it'll be a major style departure for me. More and more, I'm realizing that this more of a dark fantasy/horror story for me.

Week of September 6th - 12th

I heard back from Amazing Stories this week. A rejection letter... or rather, a non-rejection letter.

The letter explained that they have such a tremendous backlog of stories to review, that they felt it more fair to free me up to submit it elsewhere, rather than try to find the to read it.

Disappointing. Moreso because barring a last minute publication acceptance, "Life-Compliant" has run its course. I don't know of any magazines with enough lead-time left to publish a story about millenium fever - at least until it's too late.

The website at work... I found out that my contract is up for the end of September. There doesn't seem to be much chance for renewal - nor do I want one. The employer is very condescending to me in general. For now, I'm just trying to get as much of the website done as possible before month's end.

Week of September 13th - 19th

I had it confirmed for me this week: my non-rejection from Amazing Stories was valid, not BS. Their backlog of fiction has been confirmed for me in newsletters and magazines.

I'll have APACalypse ready for submission by week's end. It doesn't include as much original content as I'd like, but still contains one of my trademark lengthy, thoughtful sections of Mailing Comments.

Comicopia is also progressing well. Despite a few slow starts and days of apathy (no intentional pun) I've managed to continue a steady work-pace.

Week of September 20th - 26th

Con*Cept 99 is getting closer and closer. I attended the last organizational meeting for this year's convention this week. There's actually one more left, but it's the run-through for people who actually have to do the work at the con. As Charity Liaison, my work is already done. I'm not needed at that meeting.

Week of September 27th - 30th

My last days at L'ETAPE. Very cranky, aggrivating days. I demonstrated the website to massive "Ooh!"s and "Ahh!"s. My job is done.

All that remains for me to do in Comicopia is to write a convention report about Con*Cept 99. Since that's the weekend of October 1st-3rd, you'll read it as part of the October Journals.

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