Writer's Journal: January

With the start of a new year - a new century in fact, I wanted to get things rolling a bit more... so you have the first few weeks of Journals online already!

Week of December 31st, 1999 - January 6th 2000

2000. I'm still getting used to writing that. Obviously, everyone on the planet must be.

I spent the New Year's Eve with family: I went with my parents to my aunt Karen's home in Burlington, Vermont. It looked at first as if I'd be spending New Year's Eve alone with my cats, but my parents came through. I always enjoy seeing my Aunt and cousins, so ushering in a new age with them was well worth it.

As I anticipated (OK, hoped), the turn of a century number didn't affect any of our computers, electricity, or anything else for that matter. In fact, shortly after midnight I sent an email greeting to all the members of Comicopia through my aunt's account on America Online. As I guessed, many of the members thought it was actually spam-mail (name/number@aol.com is often a spam clue), but they did get to read it in the end.

When I got home on the 2nd, I saw that my own PC weathered the year change; the only 'glitch I found was that the clock was a day behind.

With my computer OK, I did what any devoted writer would: started on my next zines. With Comicopia #57 due in mid-February, I want to get an early start. I have to start Apacalypse too... it's due about a week earlier.

Week of January 7th - 13th

My order from Writer's Digest Book Club came in this week. Now that I have Everyday Life During the Civil War accessible, I can dive into my story in earnest.

The Writer's Loft had the new story challenges for the month up this week too. I'm trying to get projects in for both the Creativity and General Fiction sections this time.

I also turned in my first ABomanation column for FightCity for the new year. My last one went online on the 29th of December; this one was after January 10th. I'm trying to get back on track with it now.

Week of January 14th - 20th

So much for keeping up to date... it's now near the end of February, and I'm getting the January Journals wrapped up... sigh

I found myself rushing to get Apacalypse ready for the deadline. It seems that I've begun the new century rushed at things.

At least I've managed to get my latest column in for FightCity. I'm already pushing over 3 months of columns right now.

I think part of the reason that I've been falling behind on my writing has to do with two things: 1) I started various things at a readaptation center here in Montreal, and b) I'm psyching myself up about starting a new medication very soon. These things take up a lot of brain-space.

Week of January 21st - 27th

I handed in column 13 (what a lucky number!) for FightCity this week. As I write this, I don't remember the topic, but it'll come to me. Obviously, it deals with professional wrestling. I think it had to do with the recent defections to the WWF of 4 of WCW's top stars.

I'm still racing to get Apacalypse ready for deadline. I don't expect to have commentaries for this issue on the past one, but at least I'll be in, with a new game article or two.

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