Writer's Journal: February

I've fallen WAY behind on the Journals because of computer problems... a bit over two months, in fact.

To make up for it, you'll have several months worth of Journals to read. February wasn't a very active month, but I include everything for historic records.

Week of January 28 - February 3rd 2000

I got both APACalypse and Comicopia ready for the deadlines, 'copia even a few days early. As expected, I'll have to catch up a lot for the former next issue.

This was also pretty much the week that my PC continued to give me major hardware conflicts, including the modem becoming even more erratic.

Week of February 4th - 10th

I managed to post my Creativity Assignment for The Writer's Loft this week. I've had to time my modem use so that I'm on a short time every day, when my computer has been shut off for a day. That way, I get at least a half-hour of use out of it in the day.

My FightCity columns are suffering from this. I haven't handed one in in weeks now, with only a message to my editor to let him know.

Week of February 11th - 17th

Not a great deal to report. I've begun my next Comicopia zine early, having read the APA within a week (it was our thinnest issue in a few years, so that sped my reading up), and I want to get everything in that I wanted to.

The big thing that I started a few days ago - and that's most likely slowing me down - is that I began taking Betaseron. It takes about 3 months for the body to get used to it. Right now, I feel weak for a day after taking it.

I just remembered that I did actually get some significant work done this week: I worked on many new scenes for my current story. I have to produce a schedule of all work I do during the week for my Occupational Therapist. Since my story is something I'm working hard on, I got a few thousand words for it done.

Week of February 18th - 24th

Nothing much to report this week.

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