Unconventional Journal

Saturday Oct 23

Sleeping away from the connecting room wall Mike and Pat were at, I missed hearing our neighbors show their annoyment at the noise of the last night: the guys woke up to loud forced laughter and wall-banging from next door. *grin*

I had breakfast in The Room (don't I always?). My first panel was at 11am.

11am: Just a Step to the Write

This was a panel about writers groups. I signed on for it as a representative of the Writers Loft, an online group.

It wasn't exactly as I expected. I was ready to speak about the benefits of an online group; most of the others spoke about personal experiences within their groups. Interesting all-around, though.

The main GoH (Chris Owens - Agent Spender on X-Files. Not a big draw for attendees, IMHO) still wasn't there, so his 11am discussion didn't happen.

1pm: I Never Expected to Love Buffy

We had this panel last year too: a panel about the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This year, the speakers were me and author Julie Czerneda. She lavished many thanks on me for being there, as she was afraid of being the only panelist. :]

We spoke to about 10 people, all fans of the show, so we were really preaching to the converted so to speak. It was an interesting discussion.

While we were talking, one of the other Guests of Honor made an appearance: Jayne Heitmeyer from Earth: Final Conflict. The goodies for the auction were in the room, and she wanted to see them.

Our panel ended while hers was still on (seeing as she came in a bit later; actors with shows and films in Toronto work… you don't complain about that unless you're a git) so I passed in to hear the end. She spoke about E:FC.

After the panel, I had a chance to greet her in French (she's a Montreal native). That definitely caught her attention. :> I found out that she's also seen Brigette Bako, an actress I went to College with. I'll save the story about Brigette for another time.

I have a few links to cast members on E:FC; I attended the same University as Leni Parker (Da'an), and Von Flores (Ronald Sandoval) was in a film with Brigette. Now I have a 3rd: when Jayne was starring in a cop show called Sirens, I worked in the factory in front of their tapings. In fact, my youngest sister interned with the show for awhile!

Afterwards, I visited the dealer's room. Another guest, lady wrestler Trish Stratus was there signing autographs. I was relieved to learn she didn't look as scary as her program book photo implied. :] A very friendly lady.