Mike scooped me by going to the Nebula table (bookseller) during the panel to buy the last copy of a book that Josepha had been trying to get someone to buy during the entire con. I'll pick it up at Nebula this week, but he could get it autographed. I went to buy one of Julie's books. Not a consolation prize; I have a thing for stories about immortals.

At 2pm, we had another Q&A session with Max. Of the two Trek people I've seen at conventions, he's the nicer one. Unlike Walter Koenig, he's approachable, modest, and not only when he's 'on stage'.

A trip to The Room again, to help polish off food before the Dead Dog party (last party of the con). Then, I visited the artshow. A lot of stuff was already sold, but the works still there showed an amazing array of talent.

Finally at 4pm was the Closing Ceremonies, affectionately nicknamed the 'bitch panel'. Of my years involved in the con, this was the most positive Closing Ceremonies panel that I can recall. Very few grumbles, mostly praise.

I didn't stay for the Dead Dog. I was tired, and wanted to get home to write this up while it was all still fresh in my mind.


This was definitely a great con to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and to close out the 1900s.

I wish I could've stayed for some of the partying, especially on reading some WorldCon reports in zines, but that'll come in other times. What I did see, I enjoyed, and that's just what I needed.

I'm looking forward to Con*Cept 2000!