7pm was the über-zine panel of all the ones Mike and I have done. Instead of our usual program of talking about "Why APAs are cool", we got a good discussion going with people who contributed to fanzines, published/printed them, etc. We both came away from the panel happy. Primedia (and other conventions) take note!

Next up was the masquerade. Shorter than we're used to (only 10 entries) but our friend Kriquor (that's his real name and he's a member of the Klingon fandom. Deal with it. :)) stole the show with his interpretation of Mini-Maul (Darth Maul and Mini-Me from Austin Powers). Kriquor is a Master-level costumer, and he lived up to the level!

I wanted to stay for some of the room parties, but my body told me otherwise, so that was the end of my day.

Sunday, October 3rd

The day started at 10am with a panel on Making it in SF. Both Mike and I were there, and the speakers were editor/writers Josepha Sherman and Julie Czernada (Josepha stood-in for the other 2 panelists who possibly weren't awake yet).

Judy is one of our favorite guests, and Josepha has become one since last year. It was a very informative panel, one I took notes on.

11am was a panel called Reading Between the Lines. Josepha was on again, and made a very valid point on it being part 2 to the panel we just saw. :) More useful industry tidbits.