"Snatch Patrol" '97

The Snatch Patrol

This could be naughty...

We started this group back in 1996. Mike (far left), Mark (2nd from right) and I (far right) were driving to Toronto for our first PriMedia. Many busses were headed to Montreal at the same time for the Unity Rally - this was the weekend before the last Referrendum.

Mark was obsessing about the politics... not a great mood-setter for going to a science fiction convention! So, Mike started what became a running tradition of our road trips since then: The Snatch Patrol.

What exactly does it mean? I'm not sure if I could describe it here without breaking some content rules. (g) If you really need to know, ask me in e-mail.

This photo was taken on our roadtrip back from the Toronto Comics MegaCon in the summer of 1997. The fourth member of the Patrol, newly inducted that trip, was Frank (2nd from left).

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