Writer's Digest This is practically the grandaddy of writing publications. WD has been around for 75 years now, still going strong.

Since it has been around for so many years, there are bound to be articles repeating others from time to time. Still, there are always bound to be new tips and tricks to be found.

The most recent issue I bought dealt with the practice and tricks of writing for web publications, a market that has grown in the past few years. There are also loads of URLs for these publications to check out.

The Markets section is the best place to find out about editorial changes in the publications you'd most like to try for, as well as what new publication avenues have opened up.

This is also the magazine that gave birth to JMS' scriptwriting book through his Scripts column over the years.

Well worth checking out.

The Writer's JournalI only discovered this publication in the last few months. It has apparently been around for 19 years itself, though.

I didn't think another writing magazine could be worth picking up every month. I was wrong. The Writer's Journal covers some of the grounds that Writer's Digest doesn't. Articles on writing and the Internet seem to have begun here months earlier than WD. The regular columns include reviews of writing books, tips for the non-fiction freelancer... even tips for photo-journalists.

There's also a monthly writing contest. The prize is monetary; not a large sum, but there's nothing more satisfying to a writer than getting a byline AND payment for it.