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This site is dedicated to the Women who
endure the Pain, Fear and Injustice from the many Medical and
Legal Problems associated with Silicone Implants.

Operation Commitment and Hope for Silicone Implant Survivors
Operation Commitment and Hope for Silicone Implant Survivors

Sunshiney - 03/01/98 19:45:31
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This place is cool!

I feel like pasting a little poem I learned from a friend:
"See that happy moron,
he doesn't give a damn,
I wish I was a moron,
My God! Perhaps I am!"
-Eugenics Review

Please stop by my page and sign my guestbook!


Time Traveler - 01/24/98 00:25:13
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Very nice page...came across it through the Lost In Web-Space Club...and thought I'd pay a visit. Visit my page if you have the time. Regards, Time Traveler

Lisa - 01/08/98 05:57:57
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Great site!

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Hi Jeff, a cool site and as a mathematics lecturer who wants to write science fantasy/fiction, it was very interesting.Like the same authors as well but what about your fellow countryman William Gibson who is a brilliant writer? regards tony