Me and Forry

Me and Forrest J. Ackerman

To call Forry a legend in fandom doesn't really do him justice... he knew most of the greats of science fiction literature and movies/TV, was the man who created the concept of a masquerade at conventions, and was honored with walk-in roles in films beyond a count over the years.

His home, known as the Ackermansion, is a repository for almost the entire spectrum of fandom artifacts: classic pulp magazines, props from many films over the years... when he came to our convention, he was wearing Lon Chaney's hidden make-up ring (with some of the original make-up in it!), Bela Lugosi's scarab ring from The Mummy, and the original Shadow ring from the movie serials.

Some attendees at the convention thought it no big deal that we had him as a guest; I saw it as a great honor. This photo you'll see here is one of my most cherished possessions now.

(Oh yeah... the guy to his left is me.)

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