Community Leader HQ of the Wild World of Jeff

Community Leader Diploma Now that I'm officially a CL, I thought that I should make some information available to all the homesteaders who come here!

Note: this page is now extremely outdated; we're no longer on Geocities, and the Community Leader program no longer exists.

Community Resources

First and formost, you'll want to check out the SoHo Community Site. All the information you may need will be listed here: how to refresh your memory of the Content Guidelines, the various Programs offered, etc.

There are also links to SoHo-specific contests, links to alternative Geocities icons for your site, and information on all the current SoHo Community Leaders.

SoHo Leader Award for Diligence

HTML Resources

I've discovered a few excellent sites teaching aspects of HTML. I want to share some of them with you.

For beginners, the HTML Goodies site is an excellent learning tool. It has a variety of tutorials on all aspects of HTML, presented in very easy-to-follow language.

For the more advanced among you, The Developers Shed offers some excellent tutorials on advanced topics like Dynamic HTML, Javascript, creating images... it also has a variety of programs that can help you, such as web editors and graphic plugins.

If you're really brave, you can try the W3 Committee site. This offers very dry journals on the state of HTML and the newer XML languages. This is the best place to find the latest information on how the Markup Language has progressed; it just isn't very exciting reading material.

Contacting Me

If the resources I've listed don't answer your questions, I may be able to help you out. Besides, a CL isn't a CL without giving things that personal touch. :)

Here are a few ways that you can contact me for help:

  • E-mail: I'll be adding more ways to reach me as time passes. for now, you can e-mail me at khaymer I check my e-mail fairly often, so I'll likely get back to you in a short time.

  • ICQ: I still have to set up my ICQ-Mail Feature here, but it will come shortly. In the meanwhile, my UIN is 1782259.

Last updated August 26, 1998