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Writer's Journal: Archive for Sept.-Oct.

This is where I'll try to give an update every week on how my writing life is progressing. It may sometimes be joyous, sometimes sad, sometimes... dull. Mind you, that's the joy of experimenting with something like this.

Week of September 23rd - 27th 1996
One of the first weeks in which my writing work took a few steps forward.

A busy week indeed. I got my latest Comicopia 'zine master copy ready before deadline, and I'm ready to take it to the printer. Unfortunately, I still didn't manage to write any fiction for this issue. That's frustrating me, as it's been over a year since I produced a Croft's Bar story. Considering that my last one, It Starts With One Nail, was what I considered to be one of my best to date, I'm hoping that I haven't used up all my best stuff in one shot. I'll keep on trying, though.

Something of note about putting this fanzine together: I produced a 16-page document from start to finish in about 2 weeks. Wrote, edited, laid out in a desktop publishing program. This is something that few sane people would try; I've done it every two months for almost 7 years now. Draw your own conclusions...

This week also saw some movement on my Secret Interactive Project: a possible writing gig that I've already waited two and a half months to get the green light on. Let it be known to newcomers to the freelance writing field: the film industry slogan of Hurry up and wait applies very well to writing as well.

It's because of this delay in getting approval that I haven't mentioned this project anywhere else on my Page. Once I get the word to start on it, you'll probably get to read tons of cryptic references to this gig over the next little while.

Week of September 28th - October 5th 1996
Still no update on my Secret Interactive Project.

This was yet another catch-up week, as I got my APACalypse 'zine ready for the Oct. 2nd deadline. Yet another case of me rushing to make a deadline. Maybe I need deadline crunches to really get my 'writer's adrenaline' flowing... fortunately 7 years of desktop publishing has taught me how to put a document together quickly.

I also tried yet again to get my latest proposal for Dream Pod 9 (formerly known as Ianus Publications) finalized. I find it hard to polish off a project pitch if I don't see the work clearly in my mind. I need to have every aspect of the work figured out before I can start writing it. Looking at this fact also explains why I'm always slow to get my APA-work started.

Week of October 6th - 12th 1996
I worked on a proposal for a gaming article for Adventures Unlimited magazine. I've had the intentions of submitting some ideas for awhile now, and decided it was time to get off my keister and actually DO something about it.

I'm trying to get a new computer for my writing work as well. For years, I've been using my trusty Atari ST (several different machines, in fact) for all my writing work, but I'm finding that I need some more power in my processor. I need to be able to use a machine that actually allows macros for script formats in my word processors, and a better system for keeping accounts on my freelance writing income than a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet clone.

Week of October 13th - 19th 1996
Nothing much to mention for this week. I was stalled by the 'joys' of a cold.

Week of October 20th - 26th 1996
The update on my Secret Interactive Project is that it's still in the development decision process... so my hairline is receding more than things are advancing. *sigh*

Spoke with a representative at R. Talsorian Games about getting more copies of my published module for portfolio pieces. That worked out well. I also got information on getting their latest writers' guidelines. I have some proposals that I stopped work on when Dream Pod 9 ceased working on the Cyberpunk line. Time to get some mileage out of them. After all, they were definitely good ideas.

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