Writer's Journal: September

As I mention in several other parts of this site, I have fallen several months behind in updating this Journal.

As a result, I'll try to post an entire month a week to get caught up. Hope it works...

Week of August 28th - September 3rd

Well, on September 2nd, I finished the courses that have taken up my time since the beginning of May. I'm anticipating high marks for most everything.

The only frantic problem is that now I have to once more scramble to find a job. I'm hoping that the extra skills on my CV will help me a lot...

My 2nd HD still isn't working. I haven't managed to coordinate with friends to get it fixed yet. So, I'm still scrambling to get things working.

I did manage to get Office working on my system again, at least. All it took to get it working was - you guessed it - ANOTHER full reinstall of Windows. 3rd time is the charm, I guess...

Week of September 4th - 10th

Kevin (my editor at Peregrine Games ) gave me feedback this week on the notes I sent him. He likes some of the concepts I gave, and we started to discuss what I'd be most interested in working on for the company.

Once again, I've started to work on Comicopia . Issue 49.

49. 49 newsletters that I've produced to date for the APA. That's 8 years and two months since we started. That's mind-blowing.

Also this week was the start of sorting through all the back issues that we're sending to the National Library of Canada for a permanent archive. Never thought I would see the day that our words took on such importance.

Week of September 11th - 17th

My computer woes have continued - relentlessly. Because of all these 'joys' that go with the upgrades, I haven't been able to do all the writing work that I've wanted to.

I did get some work done though. This week, I joined an online writers' group called The Writer's Loft. It proved to be too much of an ego-boost, though; when I listed my publishing credentials as they stand to date (note that I don't consider them that lofty. My idol, Isaac Asimov, had much more to his credit by this age), I received a ton of stunned reactions. People there didn't think that I really needed the group anymore. I disagree; I don't feel that I've yet achieved my own writing voice, and I'm hoping this group helps me to achieve that.

Week of September 18th - 24th

This was a very slow week for me, writing-wise. The Writer's Loft didn't have any new story challenges available, and none of my other projects moved forward either.

Week of September 25th - October 1st

Another slow week for me. There are supposed to be new story challenges up in the Loft next week (can you tell how eager I am?), and Con*Cept is next week as well. Hopefully these things will inspire me.

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