Writer's Journal: May

To play devil's advocate for my case, I did try to start this page several times in the early part of May. Homesite just kept crashing on me...

Week of May 2nd - 8th, 1999

Well, I'm behind on getting Y2K fully rewritten. As well as starting on my next Comicopia zine later than I'd like (it's due the second week of June), and the next APACalypse too... notice a trend?

In the midst of this, I'm still trying to add to my freelancer plate. Now that I have the guidelines for XID Creative's Providence game, I'm working on a sourcebook proposal.

It's bothered me that it has been almost 5 years since I was last published in the roleplaying field (6 years, if you count the year I wrote Crashpoint.

Never let it be said that being a writer involves some stubborness / masochism.

Week of May 9th - 15th

This was a week of mixed emotions and joy: on May 14th, I turned 32.

My best friend, Mike Aragona, was born on the same day as I was, same year, a few hours apart. We call ourselves the Astral Twins as a result (he was born 4 hours before me, so I can call him the big brother, or the Older Fart. Take your pick.

To start celebrating my birthday weekend, I (two guesses!) worked on my writing. I started to make some good headway on both my APAzines.

Oh, the joy part? Having my nephew call me on the evening of the 14th to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Week of May 16th - 22nd

I'm quite pleased at how much further ahead I am on both of my APAzines now. In a little over a week I went from little prepared to 1/2 done for both APAs. Better yet, my commentary section for Comicopia is my largest yet.

I hope to have more good news to share here of a more personal nature in a few short days, but I won't jinx it be talking about it here yet.

Week of May 23rd - 29th

I truly have amazed myself at how far I've gone in my zine work.

I now have Apacalypse ready... a week before the deadline. Comicopia looks like another zine that I'll have ready shortly - two weeks before the deadline.

Have I actually slept anywhere during this time period? I can't recall...

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