Writer's Journal: March

Another month gone by that I was slow to update this Journal. In my defense, February IS a short month, and you lose track of the time. *weak grin*

Week of March 2nd - 8th.

A small week for writings.

I found out about a story contest for a comic I read called Troublemakers. It offers a chance to become better known as a writer, and for a field that I've been a fan of for some 20-odd years of my life. I'm going for it.

I've also begun writing a regular column for an online wrestling newsletter, Pro-Wrestling Digest. It gives me a chance to practice my non-fiction writing.

(I know, the idea of calling ANYTHING related to professional wrestling NON-fiction may seem ironic to many people...)

Week of Mar. 9th - 15th

Remember how I was worried last month about how I seemed to be taking too many breaks from my writing? Well, I was proven right this week: I realized, thanks to my co-DM, that the next Comicopia is due on the 22nd. About a week away - and I hadn't even started yet. I completely forgot about it!


Week of Mar. 16th - 22nd

I got a 'zine put together for Comicopia on time - just barely.

I also received some much needed information that I needed for my Budoka sourcebook: rule materials that I needed to know to make my product make sense.

**NEW**Week of Mar. 23rd - 29th

I must love being under massive deadline pressures... APACalypse is due on April 4th, and I haven't started on that one yet either. Maybe I'm a masochist...

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