Writer's Journal: July

I'm starting the update of this journal in mid-July. It's been a very busy period of time, mainly with school...

Week of June 26th - July 2nd

Remember how I mentioned in my last journal entry how my beliefs about the APACalypse deadline were wrong? Well, I thought that I had until July 10 to finish everything up; as I discovered in an e-mail reminder by our Central Mailer, that wasn't true: the deadline was actually July 3rd.

Fortunately, the CM extended the deadline for me to the 10th anyways, due to delays in getting contributions from out-of-town members. That gave me the time to produce my most substantial contribution in years.

This time period also saw a week worth of festivities for Canada Day. Although the actual holiday was July 1st, the Old Port in Montreal saw host to a week worth of free concerts. I only attended one show: Holly Cole on June 31st.

I rave about Holly in my Ocean of Jazz music store, but I can't praise her enough. Holly is the one singer who I can unabashedly say has me head-over-heels in love with her voice.

Expect to have a mini Holly Cole fan site-within-a-site online here soon. It will be inside of my music store area, but don't worry; as with the bookstore online here, there's no pressure to buy anything. Obviously, I'd like it if some people did buy (it helps a starving writer have some revenue), but I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head...

On the writing front, I found out this week that my submission to Peregrine Games a week or so back was actually the wrong files. So, take 2.

Week of July 3rd - 9th

Well, email Take 2 for Peregrine didn't work either, so I'm fishing around for the files for Take 3.

I missed a PWD column this week. School just took a lot out of me; doesn't make me feel any less bad for blowing a deadline...

I also started working on my next zine for Comicopia. The next one is our 8th Anniversary issue, so I'm trying to come up with something special.

The Intro to Word course may ultimately help me in this. As a class, we were disappointed how little we actually sat down to learn... however, that little bit that I did learn has taught me a few useful tricks - and the book has many more that I hope to try. It won't necessarily make my content any better, but it will at least look nice.

On the business front, I moved ThothWares Web Design to a new webspace provider, one specifically oriented to business sites. This gives me the ability to have the company name as part of the subdomain in the address (sorry, I'm geeking here), and gave me an excuse to redesign the site as well.

(Now, all I need are some actual clients...)

Week of July 10th - 16th

It was a very tired week overall. I can't say that I did too much on the writing front...

I did do something, however: I wrote down a scad of notes for a potential new series, based on a very strong dream that I had. I always write down notes on dreams when I actually remember some of them. In this case, the notes actually made some sense. More on this to come...

Week of July 17th - 23rd

animated fanMan, it's hot. I'm typing this in mid-August, and it's still damn hot. For as bad as it is here in Montreal, I have great sympathy for American readers who've survived through a monster heatwave...

This fan image won't help me in the 'real world', but it gives me some happy thoughts...

This is a historical first for my journal: an animated image has never graced these pages. Exciting, innit?

Mostly this week saw me struggling to stay awake in the heat, but I also succeeded in working out some of the kinks in my Budoka sourcebook project with my editor from Goldrush Games, so that's back on track.

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