Writer's Journal: January

Much as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) messes people up in Winter, I've discovered a similar problem: cold. It was so cold the first few weeks of the new year that I couldn't motivate myself to get *anything* done.

Week of Dec 26, 1998 - January 2nd, 1999

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope your computers will be able to weather the Y2K bug next New Year's Eve!

Don't forget to check your other appliances as well. Any device that uses a date timer - like your VCRs - may not be able to handle the date switch either...

My big thing this week was rejoicing in my nephew's 3rd birthday. You won't find any photos of him here; my sister and brother-in-law have requested that I don't and I'm honoring that wish. Doesn't mean I'm not proud of the little guy though.

We're also trying to prepare him for company... my sister is pregnant again. We don't know yet if it'll be a boy or a girl.

Week of Jan 3rd - 9th

Frantic deadline time again... I'm realizing that both APACalypse and Comicopia are due in a little over a month... I haven't started writing for either one.

As I try to get my next story ready for The Writer's Loft, I hope it will get me more in the mood to work on other projects.

Week of Jan 10th - 16th

This is getting ridiculous.

Thanks to the sluggishness cold is causing me, I haven't finished my current story ("New Year's Promise") for my Loft deadline. I managed to push myself to start on it, but it's sitting moldily on my hard drive.

Cold really is a writer's enemy.

Week of Jan 17th - 23rd

We all got amazing news this week:

My sister had her first ultrasound. She didn't want to know her baby's gender yet, her husband did.

Well, she had to know in the end... because it turns out that she'll be having TWINS.

Twin daughters. No one in our family has had twins, as far back as we know. This does explain why my sister felt she'd gained more weight at 5 months than she had at the time my nephew was born.

To say that she's still in shock is an understatement. The shock must have helped me, though, as I finally got started working on my zines.

Week of Jan 24th - 30th

I finally decided to give myself the metaphorical push to produce... this week, I made myself begin work on both APACalypse and Comicopia. Fortunately, I started working on APACalypse weeks before the cold-created slump (after missing two issues, I hoped to have something substantial to offer), so I already have a head start on this deadline...

- Oh, At the beginning of this month's Journal I mentioned how we should make sure that VCRs can handle Y2K. Well, I found out to my relief that mine will make it. My computer too. The software though, is anyone's guess.

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