Writer's Journal: December

I made it. Just under the wire for the new year, but I made it!

Week of November 26th - December 2nd, 1999

TSN is very slowly posting the other chosen entries for their column search contest... they're now up to 4, and mine still isn't one of them. All I can do is keep posting my column on FightCity, and keep my fingers crossed.

My Comicopia zine is coming along nicely. I'm keeping a good rhythm writing it, catching the bugs (well, most of them, anyways) and correcting them. This is shaping up to be my largest contribution, or at least one of them, in ages.

Week of December 3rd - 9th

I was right about Comicopia: tomorrow, I submit a 30 page contribution. Two stories, and lots of commentary. A fine way to end the century..

TSN finally has all of their choices for fan votes on columns on their web site; mine isn't one of them. Oh well.

I ordered a book from Writer's Digest Book Club this month, Everyday Life in the Civil War Era. Since my current story is set during that time period, I want to get all the details as accurate as I can, to add more dimension to the story.

Week of December 10th - 16th

Weekly column deadline made again. Not much else to report; The Writer's Loft has been down for awhile, and between that and the upcoming holidays, I didn't really get much done.

Week of December 17th - 23rd

Again, a quiet week on the writing front. The only big event was the gift shopping I did for my nephew and nieces.

This year is my nephew's fourth holiday season and birthday, as well as my nieces first. They'll be about 6 3/4 months old by Christmas, probably too young to remember it, but I still want to make it special.

Week of December 24th - 30th

It's almost the big day...

Holiday time was great for me. My sister invited me to sleep over for Christmas Day.

I enjoyed seeing the kids, Adam loved having me there (his sisters understandably get a lot more of the attention, and I gave him tons), and loved my gift too (A Jesse toy from Toy Story 2), and I finally got to hold my nieces without them being frightened of my beard.

On the writing front, I've begun to keep a digital journal. Someday, I hope to have it available for the kids to read, so they can know more about their uncle... I just hope some interesting things happen over the years to make it worth reading!

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