Writer's Journal: December

Week of Nov. 30th - Dec. 8th.

Yet again, a case of Karmic balance.

The only bit of bad news this week had to do with APACalypse: I simply couldn't make the deadline this time around. Lack of funds and a lack of proper preparation time kept me from making it. There's one benefit to Amateur Press Associations that can never be underated as an advantage, though: the fact that you can miss an ocassional deadline, as long as you fulfil MinAc (Minimum Activity) over the determined period.

Except for that, this week went swimmingly well, in fact I'm still dizzy with all the good breaks that came my way.

Firstly, I'll be starting a paying day job as of next week. After almost a year of no regular paycheques (and a year before that - I had a part-time job at a bookstore for a few months from end of '95-February '96) it looks like I'll be able to pay my bills once more, and spend more free time on writing than on worrying about having my electricity cut. :)

Also, my plans for updated computer equipment has finally come to fruition. By next Friday, I'll have all the hardware and software I needed.

I was starting to kvetch at Fate, asking for some good breaks for a change; I think it heard me, and decided to be nice. I'm grateful for it. Thank you Fate!

Week of Dec. 9th - Dec. 15th

First week of work, and it went well. I'm not used to wearing a shirt and tie everyday, but that I'll get used to. :)

I got my computer hardware/software all installed. I've started working on both my Comicopia and APACalypse 'zines for the next issues. Things definitely go faster when you have more powerful computer equipment...

I hit yet another bit of luck this week at work, too: my supervisor is also a film person, and he's looking for people to collaborate on screenplays.

Week of Dec. 16th - Dec. 22nd

Another week of lucky coincidences.

First, I ran into my agent for my Secret Interactive Project at the office. It seems that she and her company have something going with my employer as well.

Then, I found out that I have another cousin working with the organization. Better yet, she's the director of Communications. Even better yet, her *husband* is a filmaker looking for a good screenwriter.

I said it before, and I'll say it again: Thank you Fate!

This will be my last entry until after X-Mas, so I wish you all a pleasant holiday.

Week of Dec. 23rd - Dec. 29th

Not a very productive writing week. I'm still getting used to my new computer equipment, and I've been doing that more that I have been at writing.

I received the latest issue of APACalypse on Christmas Day. Even more incentive to produce more writing work. If I pull it off, there will be a lot of surprises on my part in the next issue.

Week of Dec. 30th - Jan. 5th

A belated Happy New Year to everyone.

I spent a lot of this week helping people to produce their Web Sites. I'm listing some of them in my Links Page, and I'll mention the others when they are viewable.

I still don't have the rough draft of the Sengoku RPG to work from, but I won't delay anymore. Starting next week, I get to work on the Budoka Sourcebook for this project.

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